Welcome to my London!

I love London! And, in my work as an editor for a London business marketeer, I find many wonderful places. In this blog, I hope to show you some of the many wonderful places that I've discovered!
If you love forests, I've seen many of the best. If you love the city, let me show you some of the many wonderful places that I've found.

The British Museum


The first place that you must pay a visit to, is the British Museum. Conveniently located near alot of public transport, it contains a comprehensive visual history of, not just the UK, but of the world.

If you are a religious person, you will find the Roman, Greek, and Bible Histories compelling viewing. If you are secularly minded, the exhibit on the progression of currencies is also a must see!


The Benefits Of Visiting The British Museum:

The Downside To Visiting The British Museum:

Summing Up The British Museum

All in all, the British Museum is a fantastic place to visit if you are visiting London. I personally found it a little difficult to find(not helped by bad directions from locals), since it is tucked away behind the main road areas.
It can also be quite a tiring place to tour since the displays are spread over several levels. However, it is FREE, and where else in the world can you see snapshots of just about every empire that has ever existed, and not have to part with a penny?
As with most places in London, transport to the Museum is excellent. Nearby underground, and bus stops make it a fairly easy place to reach, whether you are working in the city, or just visiting. Just don't walk from Liverpool Street Station to the Museum, as I did, London is a massively congested and confusing place!

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